Film Masterclasses

Join Academy Award® nominated writer & Pixar story veteran Jim Capobianco for a series of live masterclasses in animation with The Inventor team. 

Our upcoming new stop-motion animated film about Leonardo da Vinci, THE INVENTOR brings together an incredible group of people who have been behind some of the greatest animated films we know and love today including Ratatouille, Isle of Dogs, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Song of The Sea, Fantastic Mr. Fox and we’d like you to meet them.
Jim will be hosting a series of animation masterclasses with different members of the creative team and crew, while they are making the film, to share an insight into the world of animation and film making.

You can watch the previous masterclasses on Vimeo and join the upcoming ones through Eventbrite.

Previous episodes range from Why Stop Motion Animation?, to Funding Independent Film and Studio Tour & Director Q&A.

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