Creative Team

Written and directed by Jim Capobianco, the Academy Award® nominated writer of Pixar hit Ratatouille, the project gathers an award-winning creative team with a stellar track record in animation.

Jim Capobianco’s credits include key contributions to Disney and Pixar animated classics like The Lion King, Wall-E, Inside Out, Coco and most recently Mary Poppins Returns

THE INVENTOR is produced by Robert Rippberger and Jim Capobianco and is executive produced by Don Hahn, producer of some of the most successful animated films in recent history including The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast.

The film will be co-directed with Piere-Luc Granjon (The Tower, Leon in the Winter). Kim Keukeleire is taking the reins as Animation Director whose recent films include Isle of Dogs, Fantastic Mr. Fox and Frankenweenie. Music by Alex Mandel who composed for the Academy Award® winning Pixar film, “Brave.” 

HeFang Wei is heading up our 2D Animation Department as 2D Animation Director where we are bringing together some of the most exiting talent in traditional animation. Three time Academy Award® Nominee Tomm Moore (Book of Kells, Song of the Sea, Wolf Wolwalkers) has also come on board as 2D Animation Consultant. Nicolas Flory is our 2D Supervisor while Fabrice Faivre is the VFX Supervisor. 

Line producer Kat Alioshin brings an unparalleled wealth of knowledge in stop motion animation (The Nightmare before Christmas, Coraline, James and the Giant Peach) and was one of the first names attached to the project. Heads of Department include Director of Photography Marijke Van Kets, Set Design Director Marion Charrier, and Puppets Director François Cadot. 

An Irish co-production presented by Curiosity Studio (Ireland) in partnership with Foliascope (France), Aerial Contrivance Studios, and SIE Films.

International Sales handled by mk2, and US by The Exchange

Executive production credits also include Ilan Urroz, Kat Alioshin, Ellen Byrne, Chris Capobianco, Ryan Clarkson, Nicolas Flory, Don Hahn, David Lyons, Chris Massimine, Keanu Mayo, Vincent Mc Carthy, Steve Muench, Habib Paracha, Sita Saviolo, Jarnell Stokes, Kyle Stroud, Ilan Urroz, Phil Viardo, Eric Vonfeldt, Neuman Vong, Katherine Waddell, Jeremy Walton, J.D. Zacharias

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